Five Things You Didn’t Know About Me

After hosting a fun quiz and giveaway for my birthday this year, I wanted to share five things you didn’t know about me. Hope you enjoy this because it was super fun writing this up for you.

  1. My favorite animated movie is Cinderella
Photo | 1Zoom

One of my favorite Disney movies, I loved watching Cinderella growing up. I’m sure I forced my parents to watch the animated movie way more than just a few times. I even recently watched a Broadway-style musical of Cinderella by Aperture Africa Productions and it truly blew my mind! I don’t know what it was but something about Cinderella working hard to get what she wanted the most: freedom after showing characteristics of kindness, patience and compassion as an intelligent leader and manager just spoke to me. She never gave up on her dreams and I found it (and still find it) empowering.

  1. I don’t particularly like onions

Untitled design-2I know, I know! How can I not enjoy onions when it is often seen as a backbone of every dish. There’s just something about its sharp taste, especially when raw, that can sometimes overpower the rest of the flavors. However, as a self-confessed foodie and food blogger, I’ve tried to overcome my dislike for onions and have started eating them as long as they aren’t too many and it’s not all the dish tastes of.

  1. I love swimming

IMG_CA2030946205-1I’m sure that some of you know that I absolutely love swimming. I find that the water helps my movement be more fluid and it definitely helps with my muscles and joints. Growing up, I’d often refuse to get out of the water because it was just so soothing. Even now, if I have the chance to swim, I’d definitely go for it. Even if it means getting up at 6AM for a quick dip. Yes, that’s right! On a short trip to Vipingo early this year, the entire trip was super jam-packed with lots of social activities. So on my last day, I woke up at early just to have a quick dip in the pool. Of course, it helped that the pool was right outside my room.

  1. I have a fear of unread emails and messages

As soon as I see the pesky red notification on my phone and laptop alerting me about an unread message or email, I get anxious and need to check it ASAP. It’s really my type A personality shining here. A full inbox can be overwhelming so I find that replying as soon as I can helps keep my inbox clean and I won’t forget to respond to the sender. Plus, a clean inbox helps me concentrate on the task at hand, without having to worry about which messages and emails I’ve got to reply to later on.

  1. I once tipped over in my wheelchair
WhatsApp Image 2018-01-28 at 14.50.49(1)
Photo | Conkrete Roses

So once, when I was younger, I stayed up late to watch a movie with the family in our TV room. Deciding to go up to bed, I exited the room, only to find myself falling over backward in the wheelchair. In my sleepy state, I had hit the doorway, my hand on the joystick, pushing the wheelchair forward until it tipped over backward with me in it, hitting the floor with a loud thud. Thankfully, I just had a slight bump on my head and was completely okay, once the wheelchair and I in it were propped up. The next day on a school trip, I had a fun story to tell everyone. Of course, now I’m careful as ever and the only time I’ve ever crashed is when I’ve had too much to drink (just kidding!). But, if you ask Diva or my friends, I haven’t learned anything from my past mistakes and still run over people’s feet 😉

I’ve revealed five things about myself, so tell me something unique about yourself.


  1. What a fun read! So, I always wanted to be a teacher or journalist growing up but my parents encouraged me to pursue the sciences and I thought I would become a pharmacologist but sucked at chemistry so I fell into law as a default career!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Ooh wow😍 Interesting. Explains your inept love for blogging now!

      LOL I wanted to be a detective or a forensic scientist 😂 didn’t know there was a thing such as content creation for digital media then


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