Botswanan Beauties | Jaini’s Art Diaries

I know, I know! It’s been a Jaini’s Art Diaries: An Exhibition Came Alive! verrrrrry long time since I’ve shared artwork on here. In fact, the last time I did share anything related to my artwork on here was just snippets of my art exhibition.

See, being a painter, you’re always looking for the most exciting thing to put down on your canvas. And for me during planning my art exhibition, creating elephants in a 3D painting was something I had never done before. A good way to blow off some stress, ‘Botswanan Beauties’ was an exciting piece for me.

I later hung up this painting at the exhibition, even adding final touches the day before the exhibition. Compared to my other perfected pieces, it was raw and completely unframed.

After seeing these spectacular beauties bathe in the Chobe River in Botswana, I knew I wanted to cement the memory in a painting. After getting scared that the elephants wouldn’t come out to play in the river because of the rain, this painting always reminds me of that special time.

There were several elephants bathing and both dad and diva got some spectacular shots. Using these as inspiration, I loved how in one particular photo there was one feeding itself some water, uninhibited by our presence.After sketching a draft, I used acrylic impasto paste to create the 3D effect, which made it seem as though the elephants were coming out of the painting. Borrowing diva’s palette knives, I moulded the elephants with the help of my instructor. This took several sessions, as I had to wait for the paint to dry.After I was satisfied with the moulding, we used sandpaper to smoothen the elephants before finally starting the painting process.

The elephants themselves are a dark grey as they would splash water on themselves, contrasting the ripples (seen in splashes of white) in the blue water. The lush, green grass in the background showed how close to the river banks we were.

To be honest, I didn’t want to focus on the landscape, so only the elephants were sculpted in 3D while the water and the grass are painted in 2D.

After getting it framed, I added a final touch – a bead for the eye of the elephant in the forefront.

Now, this painting proudly hangs in our TV room, which for me is a daily reminder of that wonderful scene in Chobe, Botswana.

What do you think of it? I’d love to know.

You can contact me here if you would like to commission a bespoke work of art for your home, office or institution.

Photos by Hitesh Shah


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