Boho Chic: the Edible Version | Boho Eatery

Diva and I had had Boho Eatery on our radar for a while (EVEN ELLEN DEGENERES HAS DINED HERE!) and so one Saturday, back when she was down for the Christmas holidays in December, we braved the long drive to Karen, utilizing the time to catch up after spending three months living on different continents.

Boho Eatery, a cute garden restaurant, is beautifully set in the grounds of the Ngong House along Ndovu Road in Karen. Next to the restaurant is a small fine art photography gallery, called Upepo Gallery, founded in 2017 by Cyril Villemain, a photojournalist based in Kenya.

The restaurant itself is located in a converted one-floor bungalow with green ferns draping the front patio roof. I had enquired before booking to ask if it’s wheelchair accessible, which they confirmed. However, once we arrived at the restaurant, we noticed that there were two steps to go in. Diva had to call the staff for assistance and after a brief struggle, I managed to go in. Once we got in, we passed a kitchen where aromas of the delicious foods were wafting through.We unanimously decided to sit inside as the outdoor seating was accessed through a large step, rendering it inaccessible to me without a ramp or strong staff. The outside seating was in a lush green garden with wooden furniture and a cute swinging bench. I definitely hope to sit here on my next visit, so I hope they work on making the restaurant more accessible soon.img_4429The indoor area was charming with photos and little artifacts for décor, making you feel as though you’re dining in someone’s home. The space was dotted with wooden tables and wicker chairs with colorful African printed pillows. And that explains the name: Boho is short for Bohemian – meaning unconventional, a bit hippy, and rather arty.img_4008img_4010img_4426img_4428img_4432The friendly waiter brought us menus and was helpful in explaining dishes we didn’t understand and service was quite good, up until larger groups came in later, making the service slower than.

The menu is certainly different, which is what drew us in this first place to Boho. There were many vegetarian dishes, with plenty of vegan dishes too. However, meat-eaters, don’t worry, as there are dishes to cater for you too. They also serve breakfast all day. The food menu was just one page, but their dishes are from an array of cuisines such as Mexican, Asian and Mediterranean. And there were plenty of drinks from coffees, teas, kombucha, fresh juices and cocktails. We also noted that the prices were on the higher end of the spectrum.

The bright vibes of the bohemian-themed restaurant inspired me to order a Coconut Turmeric Latte and Diva got some fresh Coconut Water. I loved my Coconut Turmeric Latte, which really was a creamier, vegan version of Mom’s homemade Hardar nu Doodh.
img_4012Boho Eatery has tried to curb its plastic pollution and so they don’t offer any plastic straws. Fortunately for me, the server found me a bamboo straw.

We decided to stick with the Light Bites (starters), so I got some Tostones and Diva got Crispy Mushroom Flowers. The Tostones consisted of deep-fried smashed plantains that were served with guacamole and chili sauce. The plantains were soft on the inside but deep-fried to a beautifully crisp exterior. They paired well with the fresh guacamole and the chili sauce brought in some bite.img_4430The Mushroom Flowers, Diva and I both agreed, were a little bland. It was just a deep-fried flower of the mushroom in a frying batter. However, the sweet chili sauce was so good and something I just ate with the Tostones, as the sweetness paired well with the starchy plantains.img_4431We obviously got dessert. They had a Brownie and Vegan Beet Cheesecake off the menu but we decided to try the Strawberries & Cream, from the Breakfast menu which also listed granola, avocado toast, a wellness bowl and eggs.

Strawberries & Cream consisted of a beautifully plated coconut pannacotta with strawberry buckini (activated buckwheat seeds), strawberry coulis and fresh berries. I loved how well the creamy, richness of the pannacotta complimented the crunchy, nutty granola with the berries adding tarty bursts of flavor.img_4009Full and content, despite hitting a snafu with their Mushroom Flowers and the lack of wheelchair access, we left the lively, vibrant space after bidding adieu to the resident dogs, almost lulling into a quick snooze on the long drive back home, promising to come back to try more dishes of their amazing menu.img_4146

Title & photos by Diva Shah

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