Penbont House Tea Room | Jaini’s Welsh Weekend

Welcome to the fourth chapter of Jaini’s Welsh Weekend! Here, we indulge in some delectable cream tea at the Penbont House Tea Room in Elan Valley.

After a gorgeous day out in the impeccable Elan Valley, I was rather hungry, in fact, we all were famished. So we popped into the Penbont Tearoom and B&B for some cream tea.

Penbont House Tea Room and B&B is located in the Elan Valley, just below Penygarreg Dam. According to the official Elan Valley website, it has now been shut down and will be opened after renovations sometime later this year.

Ravenous, this traditional Welsh tea room was inviting. As we stepped inside, we passed through a corridor leading into a cozy but bright and airy room, overlooking a luscious green garden where a couple of wooden tables and benches were laid. Since it was drizzling on and off and it was rather chilly outside, we opted to sit inside.Processed with VSCO with g3 preset Processed with VSCO with c1 presetProcessed with VSCO with g3 presetThere were several people already as it was early evening. The owner seemed to be rushing around and making sure everything was okay, as they seemed to be understaffed. Once we had placed the orders, I had a good look around the room. Despite being compact and small, the cozy room had an efficient layout without being stuffy. The room was decorated well with various tea-themed knick-knacks and of course, some beautiful china. It didn’t feel like a restaurant or café, but rather as though I had stepped into someone’s house.fullsizerender-2fullsizerenderProcessed with VSCO with c1 presetAt one corner, there was a selection of pre-made cakes and pastries.fullsizerender-4fullsizerender-5

The tea room menu comprised of a selection of teas and other hot drinks, some cakes and savory dishes. We opted for the Clotted Cream Tea which was a Scone (we had to choose between Lavender, Chocolate and Orange, Fruit and Plain), Clotted Cream, home-made jam and a pot of tea or coffee.

The food arrived after some time since they seemed really busy and the service was slightly lacking. We shared pots of loose-leaf tea, which included the world-famous Kenyan tea. The delicious tea, that arrived in gorgeous fine bone china pots, was warming in the rain. It evoked a homey feeling, similar to homemade tea that my mom and Diva brew. fullsizerender-1Processed with VSCO with f2 presetI decided to stick to plain scones (as they had run out of the fruit scones), which was served with Clotted Cream and some home-made fruit jam on a tiled slab to add to the aesthetic. The scones were delightful and served warm. The clotted cream, which was creamy and not-too-sweet complimented the yummy fruit preserves, that weren’t too sugary. All the components of the cream tea paired well together and it was so so good!Processed with VSCO with c1 presetIt was a great way to end the day, and the cream tea was filling, especially after a day of exploring.

As we were leaving, the owner, Sandra, through some casual conversation revealed that her brother volunteered in Kenya some time ago. Isn’t it crazy how you connect with people in ways that you could never imagine?

The Penbont House Tea Room was located at:
Penbont House
Elan Valley

Photos by Diva Shah

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