Afternoon High Tea | K Lounge – Villa Rosa Kempinski

One of the things on my bucket list for the last few years has been to enjoy a luxurious afternoon tea experience, and while on my last trip to London, I enjoyed some amazing traditional British cream teas, but I didn’t really get to have the luxurious London versions.

However, after seeing the K Lounge Afternoon High Tea platters at the Villa Rosa Kempinksi Nairobi on Instagram feed (I hope you’re following me!), I wanted HAD to try it out. And with my best friends down for the December holidays, the afternoon tea seemed like a great way to spend a lazy afternoon catching up.

I booked the afternoon tea beforehand to ensure that we get the vegetarian options. The Villa Rosa Kempinksi Nairobi offers three types of afternoon tea every day from 3-6pm. For two people, they have the Classic High Tea Package with tea or coffee at Kshs. 2000/-. Add Kshs. 800/-, and get the High Tea Package with a glass of sparkling wine. If you’re feeling fancy and fabulous, then opt for the High Tea Package with a glass of champagne, then it’s Kshs. 4500/- for two people. There’s something for everyone!

With the lack of traffic during the holiday season, we all got to the Villa Rosa Kempinksi Nairobi on time and headed to the K Lounge which is just by the reception of the hotel.

After a small misunderstanding over where we could sit, we finally settled on the outdoor patio seating to take advantage of the gorgeous Nairobi sun, especially since my friends were soon heading to a colder climate. I had to ask for a ramp to get outside, which was a tad bit disappointing for a 5-star hotel, considering I had informed them of my mobility when booking the tea.

The patio overlooked a small garden area, where the centerpiece was a calming water fountain by a bench, surrounded by well-tended to flowers. The perfect place for photo ops to make your ‘gram look on fleek. (Sidebar: is “on fleek” still cool?)

Processed with VSCO with c1 preset
Exploring the garden

After what seemed like half hour when no one seemed to be serving us, we complained and finally someone came to attend to us. They handed us menus, and we chose our drinks.

As we waited for the food to arrive, we caught up with the happenings of our lives, and we realized that a whole hour had passed. Finally, the teas arrived first, followed by two platters full of food arrived. Though the prolonged wait gave us ample time to catch up, it was frustrating to wait for so long.img_3086We all opted for the Kenyan brewed tea, which was lovely. I usually don’t drink tea (I’m more of a hot chocolate person), but the tea complimented all the sweet treats we consumed.

It took an optician, businessman, biomedical engineer and a journalist to pour a decent cuppa of tea!


If you want to learn more about tea, then check out my friend, Shiksha Arora’s blog post here:

The photographer may seem familiar to you 😉

Since we were four, we had two platters to share. Each platter had three layers. The bottom layer had assorted finger veggie sandwiches, not the traditional cheese and cucumber sandwiches but rather open-faced roasted veggie sandwiches. There was a zucchini sandwich, a roasted peppers sandwich, cucumber and cherry tomato sandwich and a roasted cherry tomato sandwich. Each of the veggies layered on top of a piece of crunchy lettuce to avoid a soggy piece of toasted bread. These were absolutely delicious and they reminded me of one of my favorite Italian appetizers – the bruschetta.fullsizerender

img_3094The next layer was full of assorted cakes such as a red velvet cake, a chocolate fudge cake, a black forest cake and a luscious marble cake. The cakes were all decadent and the miniature sizes allowed me to try them all, without filling myself up.img_3091The top most layer had the freshly-baked scones with honey and strawberry jam and what they called “clotted cream”, but it was just soft, pillow wisps of whipped cream. The scones were fresh, fluffy and delightful to eat, though I wish they actually had real clotted cream which would have made the experience even more amazing.img_3088

Clotted cream, also known as Devonshire or Cornish cream, is a cooked cream that develops a texture and richness that’s best described as something between whipped cream and butter.
Processed with VSCO with c1 preset
The magical afternoon would’ve been incomplete without a selfie!

img_2584I highly recommend this afternoon tea as it is not only affordable but also a great way to catch up with friends and family over some scrumptious treats. However, be ready to spend a couple of hours – we were there for about three hours. Sorry for the cliché, but time really does fly when you’re having fun!

Photos by Nushin Mohamed and Nirav Nagda (Founder of Smile with Kindness)

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