Jaini’s Art Diaries: An Exhibition Came Alive! 

So many of you know that I organized and hosted my first art exhibition, also featuring works by Diva, just over a month ago. Here is a peek at how it all went down at the Bidwood Suites conference room  on 18th and 19th November 2016 .15192660_10209606556333768_2795997472178830371_n.jpgThe first day kicked off with an opening night cocktail launch. Selected guests were invited to the private viewing of the collection on display.15400302_10209747768703989_999522438362230452_n.jpg15283912_10209747769103999_5608262954091863709_n.jpgI ordered a custom-made wooden frame, on which I attached a hand-painted board with the exhibition name and date. Once guests arrived, they took a photo with the frame, which I later uploaded online. 15355660_10209741749433511_3428996539110067590_n

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When the guests came in, they were encouraged to go through the catalog on display, after which they went around as cocktails and appetizers were served. They were encouraged to enjoy the artwork, and buy or commission pieces if they would like to.15267871_10209740867571465_575890394500165417_n15337471_10209740916452687_1014707517352484136_n15380289_10209740892852097_8135248523002265468_n15129583_10209632950153597_5047867118665199180_o15156899_10209632950113596_7242311632229109716_ofullsizerender15129475_10209632951433629_5935738105983489163_o15319294_10209740850331034_3122428407231598803_n15401081_10209741105857422_2427071155458337091_n15327455_10209740874491638_5083081683752497695_nOur family friend, Sita Shah, had kindly offered to play the saxophone, and it added a lovely touch of elegance to the cocktail launch.15267954_10209740852731094_1040122457067064909_nOnce the guests had settled in, both my project supervisor (since it was a university project) and I gave a few remarks, thanking the guests for attending the event and acknowledging the hard work put in the exhibition. We then auctioned one of the catalogs, and will now use the funds to support a charity project of our project.15421015_10209740856371185_4357883287163577721_nfullsizerenderThen, the next day, the exhibition was open to all, at no entry charge.

I think the event was a success, and I’m grateful to everyone who helped out in any and every way. This was a long-time dream come true and I’m glad I finally decided to make it a reality! Thank you 🙂

You can check out the media coverage here, here and here

Photos courtesy of John Macharia & Austin Otieno


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