A Thrivin’ Little Cafe | Wasp & Sprout

“Is this the place?” I ask my mom, as we turn into the shabby and worn-down looking Old Loresho Shopping Centre on Loresho Ridge.

“Yep,” she says seriously.

She parks the car. Once I’m out of the car, she guides me to a small locked metal gate, while she heads to the entrance of the Wasp & Sprout,. Within a few minutes, one of the café’s staff opens the gate for me, and I roll into another universe …WAIT! WHAT?!?! Well, I’m now in the outside area of the Wasp & Sprout, and it is beautiful, a whole other world from the outside premises.

I know you’re thinking, ‘Umm… Jaini. What exactly is Wasp & Sprout? Is it some sort of urban farm?’ I mean, that’s what I thought when I first heard the name. Wasp & Sprout is one of Nairobi’s newest offerings. It is a Fair Trade and eco-furniture shop and café, owned by Angela and Chris Neale. What was once a furniture workshop has now blossomed into a rustic café with bold splashes of color.

Opened in November 2015, the café is open from 8AM-5PM from Mondays to Thursdays, 8AM-8PM on Fridays, and 8:30AM-2PM on weekends. The café is also stocked with furniture that is made in their workshops and other creative designers are welcome to sell their goods at the cafe.

The inside of the café is where the real magic is, but I can’t really describe it because I did not go inside due to lack of wheelchair access.

Diva explains:

The first thing that caught my eye as I entered Wasp & Sprout was the vibrant colorful décor. The café emits shabby-chic vibes which are perfectly brought out by the interior design.

Full of simple but modern designs, Wasp & Sprout is able to be quaint and rustic. The colorful pillows, the show pieces, and their general décor is brought out by the bare off-white walls, wooden furniture and the use of burlap.IMG_8410IMG_8412At one corner of the room is a bunch of creative art pieces for sales, including show pieces and jewelry. That really adds to the striking nature of the café. What’s more is that you can pick a book and read while sipping your cuppa.IMG_8411.jpgIMG_8416Oh, and how can I forget, the BICYCLE ON THE WALL. Yeah, how often do you see that in a café?

Photo courtesy of Wasp & Sprout

If you ask me, I’d say Wasp & Sprout is a “picture perfect” café.

The outside seating is not very large, but there are several sofas with beautiful kanga pillows with wooden coffee tables. I had reserved a table for Diva, Mom and myself to avoid any disappointment, as I had heard that the café gets quite busy due to its popularity. Our table was wooden and so was the bench for Mom and Diva. A potted succulent on the table added a green flair of freshness. Diva and I marveled at how the wooden table would be perfect for the food shots. Metal sheets line the walls giving the hipster a vibrant Kenyan feel. IMG_8421IMG_8421So, let’s talk about the food. Wasp and Sprout’s menu is small but it is growing as its customer base expands. For vegetarians, eggs are one of the main components of most meals so if you don’t eat eggs, I suggest you pop in for some coffee and dessert while enjoying those good café vibes. I do hope that more vegetarian-friendly options are added to their menu.IMG_8366Since we went around lunch time on a sunny winter Saturday morning, I was in the mood for Waffles that either come with Organic Honey or Dolce de Leche (caramel). I got them with Dolce de Leche and they were incredibly delicious. Each mouthful of soft waffle with all the pockets filled with the luscious Dolce de Leche took me to a whole another level!IMG_8419Diva’s Ricotta Toast consisted of lush ricotta spread on dark rye toasts topped with cucumber, tomato, and basil. It looked mouth-watering. I snuck a bite; the veggies and the basil added an element of freshness to the rich, creamy ricotta.IMG_8347On to Mom’s meal. Mom got a Panini with Grilled Vegetables and Halloumi. Served hot, the sandwich was bursting with flavor. A perfect lunch sandwich – filling but not too heavy, so you can work after.IMG_8420Mom got her Panini with a Dawa – a hot lemon and ginger drink, that was comforting and soothing to her cold at that time. Even though it was hot outside, I was tempted to sip some of her Dawa as it looked delightful.IMG_8415Diva and I both decided to get an iced coffee. Wasp & Sprout offers cold brew coffee from CONC NBO. Cold brew has been blowing up all over the coffee scene internationally. It is not your regular iced or cold coffee. But it is coffee that has been brewed overnight with room-temperature or cold water. The result is a smoother and less bitter coffee with hints of chocolate. This is because there are no heat releasing chemicals that make the coffee acidic. IMG_8358Trust me, this stuff is delicious. We were served it black with a pot of syrup. I’m not a big coffee drinker so I had to sweeten mine just a tad bit, though I’m sure a splash of milk would have done the trick.

And with that, we were satisfied with the food, atmosphere, and the service. It was a lovely girls’ day out 🙂

So make sure to check out this chic café with hipster vibes which is constantly growing with new menu offerings and activities such as Open Mic Evenings and Brunch and Yoga.

UPDATE: As of mid-2018, Wasp and Sprout has updated their menu, adding more vegan and vegetarian options, making it an unmissable stop. In fact, it’s a firm favorite for me now!

Photos courtesy of Diva Shah


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