Freeing Kenya One Escape Room at a Time

“It’s a sunny afternoon, and you three are at the Chennai Cultural Centre. Someone suddenly covers your eyes from the back and you see nothing but darkness. You lose your consciousness slowly, after smelling some strong odor…When you wake up, you find yourself in darkness and are handcuffed. How do you escape? Oh, and call me by pressing this button if you’re stuck.”

“Okay,” I reply, as Diva and my cousin remove their blindfolds and start analyzing this tiny room that we are locked in. Everything in the room could be is a clue…

Okay, I know, this sounds like a crazy nightmare that you only remember bits and pieces of later in the morning. But this is a story of how I basically paid to get locked in a room with my favorite nutters: Diva and my cousin.

It all started one browsing session on Facebook when I came across Freeing Kenya – an escape room game launched in Kenya in March 2016 by Kamlesh Dattani and Mili Rughani. Wondering what it was, I landed on their website, and soon I was convinced that I needed to play a game.12764695_241471769523646_1960000973420985310_oAfter convincing Diva and my cousin to play with me, I called Freeing Kenya, where Elsie, their manager on site, was ready to answer all my queries regarding wheelchair access, and I booked a game.

So just on an ordinary Saturday, where I’d probably be home procrastinating on the internet, I was at The Oval, where we had lunch at Artcaffe Oval. I love that place so much, I’ve been there at 5AM on a Saturday!

Then, we went up to the second floor where Elsie welcomed us. The Freeing Kenya reception is small, where they host three rooms for three different games. Next to the door was a rack of props for photos, and by the rack, behind the reception desk, was a wall of fame, where photos of the teams who had broken records in the least amount of time were hung.

After a quick payment, we left our belongings including phones in their lockers. Then, Elsie proceeded to tell us the backstory for the “The Lost chamber” game, and then blindfolded and handcuffed both Diva and my cousin. I refused to do both, partially because I was scared and also, I was worried I would destroy their sets. She let us in the dark chamber, and the clock started ticking…We only had 45 minutes to escape!

Photo courtesy of Freeing Kenya

Without revealing too much, I’ll tell you this was an adventurous game where team members must learn to trust each other and keep their cool to work together to escape. So so much fun! Perfect for team-building or bonding exercises.


Unfortunately , we didn’t make it out in time, but they were kind enough to give us a few hints to let us at least finish the game. Otherwise, I’d be solving this game in my sleep (it’d make for some funny stories though 😉 ).

Photo courtesy of Freeing Kenya

And now my donuts, I have a SURPRISE for you: Freeing Kenya will give one person a free game for every six people until  September 30 2016, if you mention “Jaini’s Diaries” while booking a game. (Edit: This offer was previously only running until August 31 2016.)


Now go forth and escape!


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