A Piece of Mind | Jaini’s Art Diaries

Have you ever met some people and wondered why and, more importantly, how you missed on that annoying personality trait? Now, don’t lie to yourself, because you know it has happened. And you know, people are just like onions. Okay, not onions. I don’t like them. So let’s say people are like trifles. Yes! Trifles – you know, with all those layers.

People are not just restricted to one type of personality, but rather a complex mix of various personality traits, that constantly change as people react to their environment, lifestyle changes, society’s norms, and the people around them. This is why I believe that people are like a trifle – full of delicious layers, though you may find that one surprise ingredient that you really don’t like. But just the way you don’t judge a trifle by its first layer(or is it a book by its cover?), don’t judge people based on their looks. It’s the twenty-first century, go stalk them online first 😉 (responsibly, of course)!

So all these layers of people talk came up, as I revisited this painting I made back in 2013. “A Piece of Mind” is my very first oil painting of a distorted face. Each segment, colored in a different color, represents a different aspect of the complex human personality. The segments are divided with oil pastel, that I tried to blur to represent that no segment is completely isolated from the rest.

Photo | Diva Shah

I stuck art foil on the iris (white part) of the eyes. To me, this represents the very common notion: the eyes are the window to the soul. I think the foil shows us how our eyes reflect our deepest feelings and emotions. Due to the varied palette of colors and textures, I thought a black frame would keep things simple and all focus is on the distorted face.

Why is there a mustache? I just wanted something whimsical and quirky, like some of the villains in my favorite Disney movies. The mustache and the eyebrows are black velvet, primarily to add texture and depth to this painting.

Does this abstract painting talk to you the way it talks to me? Tell me below or connect with me on Facebook or Instagram 🙂

You can contact me here if you would like to commission a bespoke work of art for your home, office or institution.

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