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You know I looooove to travel, but like all of us, I hate packing. Seriously, who loves it? (If you do, feel free to message me, and maybe you can show us your ways). Now, as a seasoned traveler (if I may so 😉 ), I have come to realize that there are a few travel essentials that I must always carry with me, regardless of whether it’s a trip requiring road or air travel.


The following is a list of my top FIVE travel must-haves, of course, assuming that the important travel documents are ready.

  1. Chargers

So there’s nothing like the blissful mood upon reaching your travel destination (mostly likely after some tedious traveling) and finding that the views really do match what you saw online. But what use are these magical views if you can’t capture it, just because you forgot your camera charger, or worse, your camera itself.

Well fortunately for me, Diva and Dad pack their cameras and chargers. But I did nonchalantly tell you about that one time I had forgotten my electronic wheelchair charger when I went to Botswana and Zambia. The stress when I realized that my wheelchair may “die” at one point, during the trip, was unreal.

So now, I urge you to pack not only your electronics: mobile phones, cameras, tablets etc, but also your chargers. I also suggest you carry portable battery chargers, which are especially useful on long journeys. And if you’re traveling internationally, then make sure to take a universal adapter to avoid any unwanted surprises.

a universal adaptor
Image courtesy of SUNPAK on Amazon
  1. Suitable clothing and shoes

I know, it’s quite obvious that you will pack your clothes. But, there is nothing worse than packing for the wrong type of weather. I always like to check the weather online of where I’m traveling to, and pack accordingly. And sure, we all remember to plan our outfits and pack those, but don’t forget your sweaters and jackets, socks, nightwear and your swimming costumes.


Now imagine this…you’re at the beach. The water is a serene blue, and the skies are clear and a warm breeze is blowing your way. You want to walk on the beach, but you forgot to pack flip flops. Now, either you buy them from the super-expensive hotel shop or just risk it barefoot. As silly as it sounds, no one wants to be in such a position.

In relation to where you’re touring, make sure to pack appropriate footwear, from flip flops for the beach to formal wear for dinners to hiking shoes for those treks.

  1. Toiletries

So the above travel essentials are simple, but when it comes to toiletries, it is rather easy to forget to pack a toothbrush or shampoo; and, while it has now become quite easy to find such necessities all over the world, but if you have a specific preference, then make sure to pack extras.

More importantly, don’t forget to account for your medicines. No one wants to be stuck in a beautiful vacation spot without their necessary medication. I highly recommend that you also carry extra meds for those situations that we don’t want, but could occur. Yes, I’m talking about the dreaded stomach problems and the flu or cold.

Photo couresty of Dreamstime

Lastly, don’t forget your sunscreen and your insect repellent. Sun burns and giant bug bites do not make for cute ‘grams!

  1. Entertainment

As much as I like to be making the most at all times of my holiday, there are various times to relax. So I like to pack some sort of entertainment to keep me occupied. Pick both an individual and group entertainment activity to keep you busy, especially on those relaxed days and the long voyages to your destination. I personally like to journal about my travels and read a novel too. Both Diva and I also love a good Sudoku puzzle or a game of cards.

  1. Snacks

As a vegetarian, I have often traveled from one end of the world to the other, and sometimes it has meant that people have not simply understood my dietary needs. (Remember Botswana?) Today, because of globalization, this may be not a frequent problem as before. But, do pack some familiar foods, that can also help prevent severe homesickness.

I do not remember any family vacation, where we have not carried any chevdo ( a classic Indian snack mix)  and other snacks with us.

Photo courtesy of The Guru Ghantal

Plus, who doesn’t love snacking on those loooong road trips or flights?

And those are my top five must-have travel essentials. Did I miss out on any? What are your travel essentials? Tell me below 🙂

All photos, unless stated otherwise, are courtesy of Diva Shah


  1. Hi Jaini, thanks for joining in the link up! My worst fear is going away without a charger, so I think thats a great tip to get some portable ones. They can just stay in my holdall case then, great tip! I was also reading this post thinking I should pack a little bag of approved size toiletries to keep in my case. I always forget something!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Ah yeah. Imagine traveling with a motorized wheelchair sans a charger. It was terrifyingly stressful. Toiletries are a must, always. And don’t forget your travel-size pharmacy too xx

      Liked by 1 person

  2. I think between us, we’ve written the ultimate packing guide – and I’m embarrassed to admit that I’ve forgotten my adapters more times that I want to admit…

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Totally, yes to chargers! I forgot my DJI Gimbal charger in Nairobi and we wasted alot of hours in Amsterdam looking for one. Which we didn’t find. So eventually, we ordered one on Amazon and had it delivered to France to the hotel we were headed to and hoped to God it arrived on time….it arrived the day we were scheduled to check out, after alot of follow up with Amazon! Now, chargers are the first thing that go into my bag. And yes to nashto…we even have a dedicated nashto bag. House of Manji purple chocolate biscuits are a must!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Oh man. I had to ask for a car charger once to charge my wheelchair once 😂 Nashto is always a must and thanks for the advice, I’m going to allocate a dedicated nashto bag. And pick up those biscuits now…


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