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Dear donut,
Since you’ve always supported my endeavors, Miracle Foods and I have teamed up to bring you a special offer. How cool is that! All you have to do is read on.

Have you ever wanted to make that fancy meal you’ve been salivating about all day and when you get home, that one main ingredient is missing or you’re just too tired to chop, cook, eat and clean? Don’t worry, you’re not the only one, we’ve all been there. But that’s where Miracle Foods comes in.

What is Miracle Foods, you ask? Well, I asked myself the same question when they contacted me asking if I would be interested in reviewing their products for my blog, I assumed that it was some company just selling the “superfoods” that I had been seeing everywhere online from Instagram to those health and fitness blogs.

However, upon accessing their website, I was proved wrong. Miracle Foods was started up in February 2016 by the husband-wife pair, Raj and Sonali Raja, who would frequently argue on what to eat for dinner after working long days. Not wanting to focus on basic ready-made meals, the idea of Miracle Foods popped up in their heads, little did they know that the service they were thinking about was actually providing meal kits. 12799165_682760495198429_3345091928812015655_n.png


According to Foodservice Consultants Society International, meal kits are defined as a service designed to deliver fresh, pre-measured ingredients to the doorsteps of consumers.

The Rajas’ research led to them to Blue Apron, an American company that sends customers meal kits with recipes so that people can cook their meals at home. The Rajas’ common love for food and the fact that they owned a fruit and vegetable farm in Tigoni led to the birth of Miracle Foods, where they provide meal kits to Nairobians. However, Miracle Foods improved on Blue Apron’s model and offer consumers pre-portioned ingredients. They just assume that customers have salt, pepper and cooking oil in their pantry, and of course, the cooking utensils.

This then led to the introduction of juice kits, a month later after their launch, in March 2016. With pre-prepped and portioned ingredients, the process of juicing is essentially just throwing the ingredients in the juicer and juice. Their juice kits, that start at Ksh. 300/- per juice and for a week’s (5 days) worth of juices are at Ksh.2200/-. There are about 10 servings for the week with five recipes per box. The ingredients are already pre-portioned and easy-to-follow instructions are provided. The juices range from green, veggie-packed juices to still-good-for-you fruit juices.

With the launch of juice kits, they also launched the delivery of fresh vegetables to enable convenience to people in terms of time spent on buying produce and the freshness of the produce. In April 2016, they added the fourth element of Miracle Foods – Meals in a Jar service. It’s a trendy take on portable meals served in Mason jars. Perfect for the person on the go!

Having grown so much in over two months, Raja says they still intend to grow from working with two other chefs out of their home kitchen to moving to a commercial kitchen.

So as you can see, a little bit of research and browsing through their website, I was convinced that I must try out this new offering in the Kenyan food market.I realized that everything they offer is 100% vegetarian, all their produce is farm-fresh and other products are all sourced from local artisans and they encourage sustainability. Now, in today’s day and age, sustainable farming and dining is a hot topic as we battle various environmental woes such as climate change and pollution.

Raj Raja says, that as a meal kit provider and farmer, he wants to be “a part of the changing face of the food industry.” They are trying to concentrate on the market gap in regards to special diets, providing weekly-planned meal kits advocated towards specific diets such as gluten-free diets, vegan diets, low-calorie diets, high-protein diets and detoxification diets.

Their meal kits menu is large and contained dishes from a myriad of cuisines ranging from Chinese to Italian to Indian to Mexican to continental. Now to choose one, that’s where I had a problem. I wanted everything!

So after some pondering, I decided to order the Veg Chili Cannelini Burger (a meal for one is Ksh. 550/- and for two, it is Ksh. 800/-) and the Kung Pao noodles (a meal for one is Ksh. 550/- and for two is Ksh. 800/-). I also ordered a Zoodle Salad in a jar (a meal for one is Ksh. 300/- in a 500ML jar). The meal kits and the meal in a jar must be ordered before the cut-off time, as indicated on their website. Everything arrived at the time and day, exactly as decided. The food was brought in a cooler bag and was to be refrigerated till ready to be cooked.

Each meal was separately packed in its own brown paper bag and every ingredient was neatly labeled. Another envelope revealed the recipes for each meal kit and the back also included calories and other nutritional information about the meal.

So first things first, let’s start off with the Kung Pao noodles which is the first dish that I tried. Note, I tried these meals over the course of two days. The Kung Pao noodles meal kit came with a pack of noodles, various colored peppers, carrots, broccoli florets, corn flour, garlic, ginger, red onion, Schezuan sauce, and vinaigrette. All the ingredients were chopped and the carrots and broccoli were blanched. All Mom (since I can’t cook myself) had to do was cook and serve. Within several minutes, the kitchen smelt heavenly and lunch was served. IMG_9682Back to the food, the aromas had my mouth watering and the first bite was as delicious as I thought it would be. The flavors of the sauce were tantalizing. The veggies were cut into bite-size and you could tell how fresh and high-quality the ingredients were. The dish was simply moreish, but unfortunately, I found it a tad bit spicy. I hope in the future that we can choose the level of spiciness while ordering the meal so that we can choose the level of spice that we are comfortable with.IMG_9683On to the Veg Chili Cannelini Burger. This package came with ingredients for two burgers and a pre-made coleslaw. The package contained brown buns, burger patties, red onions, lettuce, cheddar cheese, ketchup, and mayonnaise. The recipe card for the burger also listed tomatoes as an ingredient, however, it seemed like tomatoes may have been accidentally left out of my meal kit. Now, I know the lovely folks at Miracle Foods would have sorted out that issue, but to be entirely honest, I was just too lazy to deal with it, and carried on sans tomatoes. IMG_9680While assembling the burgers, I decided to leave out the red onions, but this was just a personal preference. Smooshing the patty between the bun to take a bite, the filling burst out into my plate. It seemed as though the patty was a just a little thick for the burger. The bread was alright, nothing special about it. But the patty! Now, veggie burgers can either be super-dry or wonderfully delicious. Well, this particular bean burger was well-seasoned and the patty’s crunchy exterior perfectly complemented the soft filling. The burger was not as hot as the name suggested, but that’s okay. The two condiments – ketchup and the mayonnaise (both I’m assuming were homemade) – brought in extra bursts of flavor, and the mayonnaise added a creamy element. The cheddar cheese was a nice burst of savory flavor and the lettuce brought in a crisp freshness. I must commend Miracle Food’s packing as the lettuce had stayed so crisp and fresh.IMG_9684Finally, it was time to sample my Meal in a Jar. Miracle Foods offers a variety of meals in a jar, ranging from salads to fruit parfaits to smoothies and infused water. They also give customers an option to build their own jar. All you have to do is deposit Ksh. 500/- for the jar with the payment of the food, then refrigerate till when you want to eat. Then either shake and eat from the jar or pour into a bowl and serve hot or cold, as preferred. Upon returning the Mason jar, the Ksh. 500/- is refunded.

I had ordered a Zoodle Salad, that consisted of spiralized zucchini noodles, red beans, red bell peppers, cucumber, carrots, green onions, and peanuts with a rice vinegar and sesame oil dressing. It was simply refreshing and the fact that everything was so fresh and that it came in a pretty jar made it so fulfilling and satisfying.

Look at how yummy it looks!

IMG_9681My final verdict. Delicious, tasty food? Check. Decent portions? Check. Reasonable prices? Check. Easy to cook? Check. Sustainable food? Check. Great customer service? Check.

And with that, I can only say one thing to you guys and that is – CALL Miracle Foods and try out a meal kit today. Hey, you could impress that special someone by cooking them a fancy-schmancy meal that we all know you would have botched otherwise (it’s okay if that special someone is your stomach. We all know the truth! 😉 ) The best part is that, apart from great food, their portions are large and their prices are reasonable. Log on to, or give them a call at 0736329516 / 0700070001 or email them at

Lastly, as I had promised above, they are offering you, my donuts, a special offer where if you just mention Jaini’s Diaries, you get a discount of 10% off your next meal kit. Offer valid till the end of May.

Disclaimer: I received complimentary samples, but all views are my own.

Photos by Diva Shah.

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