Jaini’s Diaries turns One!

Exactly 366 days ago (it’s a leap year – I know you’d ask), I started out as a newbie blogger with Jaini’s Travel Diaries, wanting to share my travel stories. My first post was on my most recent holiday (at that time) in Zanzibar, Tanzania, and I truly enjoyed revisiting my old travels. Since then, I upgraded the blog to Jaini’s Diaries, as I realized that I intended to share my art, one day.

When I heard about the Gizani dining in the dark experience, I just had to go! There were no two ways about it. And once I went, I decided that it was an experience worth writing about and something that I hoped everyone could experience once. So that’s how Jaini’s Food Diaries was born, of course, after some inspiration from both local and international food bloggers. Soon after, I felt ready to share my art with you, and so Jaini’s Art Diaries was created. Jaini’s Journal was formed after learning some major writing skills in my university-level Creative Writing class (one of my fave classes so far).Jaini6I’m often asked why did I start a blog. Well, my donuts, before I went off to my dream holiday to Alaska, I was often asked, “Why Alaska?”. “Isn’t it all just ice and snow there?”. So when I went traveling to that area, I had a vague idea that I’d one day start a travel blog, as I’ve always enjoyed traveling and can often be heard either talking of my past travels or planning my next trip. Of course, coursework and procrastination got in the way, but then exactly one year ago, I hit that “Publish” button. That is my story!

And what year it has been 🙂 I’ve traveled around Kenya, southern Africa and told you stories of my past travels. I’ve also tried some new restaurants and met some of the most incredible people who have been so supportive.

Here is a list of my top three blogs under each category, in no particular order.

Jaini’s Travel Diaries

  • Lake Elmenteita
    Really just a relaxing getaway for a little pre-birthday treat. Both stunning locale and food with some great company.
  • The whole Alaska series
    Okay, so I technically didn’t pick a post, because my entire time in Alaska with the cruising experience was magical and what I had ultimately dreamed of.
  • Chobe (Part II)
    This post was literally full of elephants. Given my love for these magnificent beasts, it’s obvious I was in Cloud Nine while sailing down Chobe River.

Jaini’s Food Diaries

  • Gizani’s Dining In The Dark
    My first food review post. This was a different, intriguing experience that is hard to really explain, which is what prompted me to blog about it. Ironic. I know!
  • mr.donut
    With my love and obsession with donuts, this is one of my all-time favorite posts, as I got to indulge in my favorite treats.
  • Brew Bistro and Lounge Rooftop
    This is one of the few rooftops in Nairobi that is wheelchair accessible, and it promises great food, drinks, and music. What more do I need, for that perfect chill sesh or a night out?

Jaini’s Art Diaries

Now choosing my top three posts here was incredibly difficult as I love all my paintings and it’s like choosing your favorite child, but here are my top three faves. Again, in no particular order.

  • Shimba
    This is my all-time favorite painting being my first-ever painting on canvas.
  • Mbegu
    I think you already know why it is so special to me.
  • Tiger, Tiger
    This was just super-fun to paint, and I really just had a blast. As you can see, I looove painting animals.

Since I started blogging, and even before that, I had been following several bloggers, both local and international ones, and I thought I should share some of my inspirations with you. Make sure to check them out!

  • Nirav (Smile For Kindness)
    Of course, I had to share my best friend’s blog, inspiring you to be a kinder and happier person one day at a time.
  • Soni (Soni Side Up)
    Her bubbly persona coupled with her fabulous food blog will make you hungry as she explores the dining scene in Nairobi.
  • Meera (The Fit Fab Foodie)
    Her colorful ‘grams of her nourishing creations make me both hungry and want to eat healthier. Find more than the average smoothies on her blog, as you suddenly feel the compulsion to jump on that fit and healthy lifestyle.
  • Binny (Binny’s Kitchen and Travel Diaries)
    What once started as a food blog is now a colorful collection of posts on recipes, restaurant reviews around London, her escapes in Europe and the Caribbean, coupled with a few fashion posts. And she’s a fellow animal lover and an avid David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust supporter!
  • Wendy (Watta On The Go)
    A travel and food blog that also shows off Wendy’s always-awesome fashion sense.
  • Krupa (krupamandavia.com)
    And speaking of fashion, this is not your ordinary fashion blog, she keeps you captivated with her stunning shots in the most unexpected places while taking the time to explain  where each article of clothing or jewelry came from, shining light on the designer’s hard work.
  • Deepica (www.deepicam.com and www.youtube.com/deepicam)
    You may know her as the girl who went viral for putting red lipstick to hide her dark eye circles, but I reached out to her when I started out, and she has always been supporting me ever since. Guys! Check her out, she hangs with Katy Perry 😉

This one-year journey has been epic so far, but just like every other venture, it would have been impossible without Diva and my parents’ support. Mom and Dad, thank you for agreeing to this little adventure when I first told you about it, sharing each post with everyone and being the best dining and travel companions. And Diva, my go-to photographer, who deals with my nagging to get that right shot, without a complaint (well, sometimes). Thank you to everyone who has let me use your photos when the need arose. A special thank you to M for editing my blog posts and making sure I don’t go on about donuts. I could do with one now… You see, what I mean? Last but not least, here’s a special shout-out to everyone who’s waited till I got that perfect shot of the food, before digging in.

Speaking of food, here’s a shot of the delicious dessert that Diva surprised me with at a celebratory lunch!

FullSizeRender 5
Photo | Diva Shah

And finally, thank you to all my friends, family and you, my donuts, for reading, subscribing to and sharing my blog.

Much love, my donuts,

Jaini xoxo


  1. Happy 1 year to Jaini’s diaries and thanks so much for the mention. Here is to an even more exciting year ahead 🙂 I am sure it will be full of fun adventures and experiences xxxx

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Thank you for the shout out Jaini! Honored to be one of the bloggers you follow. Congratulations on one year! Here’s to another year of great art, great food, great travel, and most importantly — great donuts! 🙂 xx

    Liked by 1 person

    • Congrats Jaini can’t believe 1 year
      Has passed it seems I was reading
      Your first blog yesterday

      Your blogs create reality I feel
      I am there too.I would like to
      Visit Alaska & Botswana.

      Divas pictures are awesome.
      Your art pieces are so real
      I haven’t seen anything like that

      I have read this blogs before.
      I am going to print and preserve them. So so very proud of my
      Multitalented niece.

      As always wish you all the best


    • Thanks Kavita 🙂 I’m loving your posts from Tokyo. It looks like another world in the future 🙂 and now, it’s on my travel (and food) wish list!


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