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Now if you’ve been following Jaini’s Diaries for a while now, then you’ll notice that I have primarily shared pictures of the animals that I have painted. It’s because I love painting animals, as with each stroke, a new layer of its character is revealed. Each animal is so unique.

To spice things up, I decided to paint something different and I present to you: “Blue”.

Photo | Diva Shah

This painting is an ode to the stunning ocean views that I enjoyed in Zanzibar.

Read about it here in my first-ever blog post.

The cool blue skies with the whirl of fiery red contrast the warm, marine green water. Rather than adding the cliché sailboat, I opted to be more realistic and decided to add a fishing trawler with a fisherman, something that we often spotted from the beach. To stick with the motif of white, I selected a white frame to compliment the white clouds and the frothy waves.

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All photos provided by Diva Shah.

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