5AM on a Saturday? | Artcaffe Oval

When I got an email from Soni (of Soni Side Up – one of my fave food blogs, and of Eat Out Kenya) asking me if I would be interested in meeting at 5:00AM on a Saturday, I was convinced this was part of an elaborate April Fool’s joke, as it was just right after April Fool’s Day. After several emails back and forth, Soni assured me that it was a real event celebrating the recent launch of the 24 hours operation services every Friday and Saturday at the Artcaffe Oval branch.

Now, if you know me well enough and follow me on Instagram (if you haven’t, do so here before reading on), I love the Artcaffe Oval branch so much, that some of the wait staff even know me and know exactly where I prefer to sit. I love how easily I can access the entire restaurant. I’m often there for catch-ups over coffee, cocktails during their Happy Hour (where cocktails are half price off) and for mid-week lunches, or you know, just any random time in between.

So of course, now I had to go for this Blogger’s Dinner Out. Speaking of the Blogger’s Dinner out, I’d often feel all sorts of FOMO when I used to see the ‘grams of the fun places they’d hang out, while I was home, slaving away on that boring assignment. So I was super-excited when I was invited to this blogger dinner/breakfast and couldn’t miss it!
IMG_7462So after getting up at 4:30AM, I dragged Diva with me to the Artcaffe Oval. It was still dark out and we were still dreaming of our beds. As we entered the Artcaffe, it was empty and then I saw Soni and Tatiana (www.tatianakaranja.com) seated out in the patio (thank goodness! I was still convinced this may be some elaborate prank). As we settled down, a few more bloggers came in by 5:30AM.FullSizeRender 3FullSizeRender 2As we waited for drinks and food, we all introduced ourselves and the conversation got livelier. It was unbelievable how bubbly and alive our group was, this early in the morning. After my first cup of coffee, I felt awake and was ready to dig into my food. We ordered everything from pizza (yes! This is not a joke) to pancakes and waffles to chicken wings. And it was magnificent!

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I had ordered a Vanilla Latte – one of my favorite drinks that Diva has got me hooked on to. Just a simple, creamy latte that has this hint of sweet, sweet vanilla.Processed with VSCO with f2 preset

IMG_7463I later paired a Cappuccino with an Egg Florentine – a vegetarian play on Egg’s Benedict. The dish came out in a beautiful glass breakfast plate: two poached eggs on toasted English muffins and creamed spinach, accompanied by a bread basket, house fruit jam, olives, cream cheese and a garden salad. It was a lot of food so Diva and I shared.IMG_7465Artcaffe had everything on the menu available at this ungodly hour, except their famous baked goods, that are delivered at around 6AM every morning. Diva wanted their Cherry Vanilla Danish pastry, but unsurprisingly after a full day’s service they had run out of them, including their Cinnamon Rolls and Almond Croissants. Oh! I could do with a Cinnamon Roll right now…

I must commend their service. Our server, Duncan, was polite, attentive and accommodating this early in the morning, after what I’m guessing would have been a loooong shift. He even went to find me the special black straws they use in their coffee drinks when I asked for a straw with my Vanilla Latte. It took a little longer, but it’s the thought that counts.

It was a fun breakfast, meeting some fabulous people and worth waking up before 5:00AM. Thank you Eat Out Kenya for having Diva and me there and look out for a recap of the blogger’s Dinner / Breakfast out in the next Yummy issue here. Check the hashtag #BlogOutKe to see more photos of the event!

The blogger squad!
Is any event complete without a selfie?

Photos for this blog post are kindly provided by Diva Shah and Tatiana Karanja.


  1. It feels I am there you have described it so well
    Mouth watering food.
    Thanks for sharing the experience.
    Well done for getting there
    At 5am
    Well done Diva for the fabulous

    Liked by 1 person

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