Don’t Fear the Chef: Answer and Eat | The Good Food Company

If you’re an avid glutton and love your food like me, you probably know that Chef Kiran Jethwa, the acclaimed owner of the Seven Seafood & Grill, is currently taking you on culinary adventures (literally!) on your screens on his new TV show – The Fearless Chef (aired every Tuesday at 21:05 Kenyan time on National Geographic – Channel 181 on DSTV).

Chef Kiran has been taking us on unbelievable adventures across Africa, Asia and Latin America looking to understand how the communities at these places harvest these various foods, often putting themselves in dangerous and risky positions. Despite having an interest in my food, I never quite realized that almost everything we eat today is processed and how important it is to appreciate the great lengths people go to bring natural, organic food on our tables.

So as I was watching a pre-recorded second episode of the show, I got an email from The Good Food Company (TGFC), announcing a Fearless Tuesdays contest where they ask a trivia question based on that week’s episode on Facebook, and viewers have a chance to answer it and win a meal voucher from TGFC for Ksh. 800/=. This would be a weekly event planning the entire season. Then the nine winners of the weekly contests would be put in a draw where the grand prize is a meet and greet with the man of the hour himself – Chef Kiran Jethwa and a voucher for Ksh. 8000/= at the Seven Seafood & Grill.

Of course, I had to participate in this contest and lady luck was on my side as I was the first winner of the contest. Fast forward, a couple of weeks later, I finally got around to ordering in from TGFC.

The Good Food Company, which was launched in 2012 by four food enthusiasts – Esmeralda De Souza, Spencer Foundamiere, Kiran Jethwa and Nawaz Meghji aims to bring Nairobians fast, fresh food in the comfort of their workplaces. They have designed a menu where every dish is healthy and nutritious and it ranges from sandwiches to salads to lunch boxes that include cuisines from all over the world. The best part is all the ingredients used are locally sourced.65315_472911692752697_354375452_nThough TGFC’s menu is large, there is quite a narrow, limited choice for vegetarians. Nevertheless, since I had won the voucher, I decided to choose two dishes to order in, one for Diva and one for me.

Diva selected the Egg Salad Sub and I ordered the Moroccan Falafel and Aioli Wrap, that came with either two or four pieces. I chose to get four pieces.

The food was delivered at noon; forty-five minutes earlier than I had requested. But I guess better sooner than later, right?

Upon opening the delivery bag, I noticed that the food was all neatly packaged and clearly labeled. The wraps were cutely packaged – each one individually enclosed in its own cardboard box. However, on reading the label, I realized that wrap contained bacon, which was outside my dietary requirements. I called TGFC immediately to clarify what was happening as the website did not mention that the falafel wrap’s ingredients consisted of bacon. I was politely informed that the wrap, in fact, contained bacon. Understandably upset, I disposed of the wraps, as I could no longer eat them.IMG_6014Diva generously offered me a few bites of her Egg Salad Sub, that comprised of free range egg, mayonnaise, chives with baby spinach. The egg salad filling was rich and creamy, the chives and mayonnaise making it so luscious. The spinach brought in some freshness and the bread, though toasted, was soft.IMG_6016Don’t worry – I binged on the previous night’s leftovers.

Later on, Martha from TGFC called me to apologize about the mix-up in the labeling and contents of the wraps and offered to send me four pieces of the Moroccan Falafel and Aioli Wrap, as I had initially ordered.

The next day, Martha sent me four pieces of the wraps. I warmed them and dug in. it was a lentil kebab wrapped in lettuce, cucumber, and tomato, which was all enclosed in a tortilla. The wrap itself was soft and the falafel was full of flavor and tasty. The lettuce and the tomato brought in a sense of freshness to the dish. However, the wrap lacked aioli. Some sort of sauce would have tied all the components of the dish really well.IMG_6015I look forward to TGFC increasing their range of vegetarian options. I was satisfied that despite the hassle I went through, the issue was rectified within 24 hours. Overall, I believe their menu is ideal for the workplace.

Have you tried TGFC before? What do you think of the food? Tell me below!

Photos for this blog post are provided by Diva Shah.



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